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The Office

About the Office

The Governor’s Establishment provides support to the Governor to fulfil the constitutional, ceremonial and community responsibilities involved in the Vice Regal role.

The agency also manages the Government House Domain – a significant cultural heritage asset which belongs to all Western Australians.

Key functionalities of the Governor’s Establishment include:

Constitutional Support

The Office of the Governor delivers advice, information and administrative support to help the Governor to perform constitutional duties including:

  • preside over the Executive Council, and arm of the Parliament
  • swearing in ceremonies for judicial and other statutory appointments
  • sign and approve Treasury authorities
  • provide Royal Assent to Bills passed by the Western Australian Parliament before they become law (i.e. an Act).

Administrative and Operational Support

Personal, administrative and logistical support is provided to the Governor to manage a busy program of ceremonial and community duties including:

  • Promote the State and extend a welcome and hospitality to Heads of State, Ambassadors and other dignitaries and official visitors.
  • Conduct Investitures for the presentation of honours and awards under the Australian Honours system.
  • Present awards and medals to various organisations.
  • Deliver addresses and speeches at a range of community and State events.
  • Travel throughout Western Australia to meet people in regional areas.
  • Patronage of many community and charitable organisations.

View the current Vice Regal Program.

Conservation and management of Government House

Government House has been the official residence and office of the Governor of Western Australia since 1863, and is listed on both the State Heritage Register and the register of the National Estate.

The Government House Domain consists of:

  • Government House
  • surrounding buildings (e.g. Ballroom)
  • Grounds

The management of the Domain includes provision of:

  • residential accommodation and hospitality for the Governor and official guests
  • conservation and management of a significant heritage asset.

To protect the residence and preserve the Grounds, a conservation plan was commissioned by then Premier Peter Dowding, and completed by an experienced heritage architect, Ronald Bodycoat, in 1990.

Since then, the Governor’s Establishment has endeavoured to ‘refurbish’ and maintain the Domain according to heritage standards.

The Government House Domain remains an important contributor to the streetscape of the city’s principal street and precinct which includes the Supreme Court of Western Australia and gardens, St George’s (Anglican) Cathedral, Perth Town Hall, Stirling Gardens, Weld Club (a private gentlemen’s club), and Council House.

Government House and the Community

Our vision is to promote the Government House Domain as a contemporary place of heritage and cultural significance and a source of pride for the people of Western Australia.

Open Days, house tours, community group tours and garden functions including regular garden openings during weekday lunchtimes provide opportunities for people to visit and enjoy the House and Grounds and learn more about them.

An estimated 27,876 people were welcomed to Government House during 2015/16 through events like those listed above.

Working with the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia we also provided tours and educational visits for 869 Western Australian school children from 17 different schools in 2015/16.