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Information required for events

If the Governor will be attending your event, it is expected that an Event Brief Form is completed by the host organisation and supplied to the Private Secretary two weeks prior to the event.

The Event Brief Form requires a different level of detail than what is supplied in the initial Invitation Form

Based on notes supplied in the Event Brief Form by the host organisation, a written brief is prepared for the Governor, which is done for every function that the Governor attends. An order of proceedings must also be supplied by the host organisation at this time.

To ensure that the Governor is adequately briefed, it is important that the Event Brief Form is completed accurately, and on time, with follow up content sent through as soon as it becomes available.

When do I need to submit an Event Brief form?

The Event Brief Form will be supplied to the host organisation for completion upon formal acceptance of the invitation, along with a due date and other necessary information.

Download the Event Brief Form (96 KB Word)

For other information in preparation for the Governor’s attendance at your event, please visit our Invitations and Protocol page.