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Honorary Aide-de-Camp

The Governor is usually attended by an Honorary Aide-de-Camp at all functions, ceremonies, visits, and events. The Aide acts as an on-the-spot facilitator, assisting the Governor, and acts a conduit between the Governor and event organisers.

There are currently nine Honorary Aides-de-Camp (three from the Air Force, and two each from the Navy, Army, and Western Australia Police) who assist with formal elements of the Vice Regal Program, as required.

Honorary Aides also have an important role in investiture ceremonies, where they present the insignia to the Governor who then invests the recipient. Investiture Ceremonies are held to recognise outstanding Australians who are the recipients of national honours and awards, find out more on our Australian Honours page.

Honorary Aides may also represent the Governor on official and ceremonial occasions, including greeting Heads of State and other important dignitaries on the Governor’s behalf as they officially arrive in or depart from Western Australia.