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Regional Visit Program

The Regional Visit program enables the Governor to continue to develop a good working knowledge of the State, and are an opportunity for the Governor to engage with and express appreciation to local government representatives, volunteers, school students, and many other people that make up the fabric of our rural communities.

The Governor also visits a range of local government areas in the wider metropolitan region.

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC looks forward to visiting the regions of our vast State during his term,

“Our strength is our people. Their creativity, hard work, community sense, education endeavour and perseverance all go to making up who we West Australians are.

I am looking forward as I start to visit different regions of the State to working out what makes us tick. Knowing that part of it is our capacity for fun, kindness, as well as hard work.”

East Kimberley, 12th – 16th August

The Governor met with representatives in Kununurra, Wyndham, Warmun and Halls Creek. Read more…