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Governor’s Priorities

The Governor, the Honourable Kim Beazley AC

As outlined at his swearing-in, advocating for Western Australia’s interests will be a key focus of the Governor’s activities during his term, in addition to the traditional functions of the vice regal role.

“We are privileged to share this land with the oldest continuous civilisation on earth. Their happiness and dignity should be at the forefront of our thinking.

We are a clever people with major achievements in medicine, bio-sciences, radio astronomy and energy related technologies. Likewise in information technology. We lead globally in minerals and energy… We also lead in software for the world’s mining industry.

We need advocates for our capacities in these and many other areas, including defence industry and service industries such as education, media and tourism.

I am grateful the Premier has suggested to me, I should perform an advocacy role for the  State’s capabilities. A daunting but critical challenge.”

Read the Governor’s swearing-in speech
The Governor with Kimberley artists from the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s Desert River Sea exhibition (February 2019)

The Governor’s priorities

The Governor is committed to supporting organisations and activities which advance the objectives of those building the State’s future and seeks to create opportunities to increase the use of Government House, Ballroom and Grounds as a facility to enhance this capacity.

The Governor has identified a number of key areas to which he will give particular focus and attention as a strong advocate for Western Australia’s strategic interests and capabilities.

The following themes will inform the official program:

  • Widening West Australian, Australian and international community awareness of the critical role WA’s mineral and energy resources play in the global economy, both in contemporary terms and next generational industry development.
  • Ensuring Australians more broadly comprehend how critical these industries are to the national economic performance.
  • Advancing understanding of the similarly vital role of our rural, agricultural and seafood industries.
  • Defence industry and defence of Western Australia, including linkages between advanced mining and primary industry technologies, and emerging Defence technologies.
  • Advancing understanding of our indigenous populations, the world’s oldest continuous civilisation.
  • Recognising, celebrating and promoting Perth as a vibrant arts and cultural destination.
  • Supporting the wide range of health services in our community, including both acknowledgement of those committed to providing these vital services, and advancing our world-class health research sector.
  • Education – STEM and STEAM issues. Assisting at the tertiary level in particular with foreign engagement for education, training and research.
  • Space. Using our advantages in management of space systems and research. Particularly the opportunities provided by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and Pawsey Computing Centre.
  • Regional WA. Visits to regional centres generally and for events.
  • Encouraging our great volunteers who work in virtually every aspect of community life.
  • To use Government House, its facilities, resources, history and beautiful grounds for the public, for organisations, charities and conferences aimed at enjoyment and purpose.
  • Advancing WA’s international engagement as a product of the skills, value, goods and services outlined here.