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Message from the Governor – Vale Mr Les Calcraft

Thursday, 13th December 2018

A humble man of true greatness has just passed away after illness. Les Calcraft was a lion of a man and the embodiment of the values of the Lions of which he was a member.

He had been active in their Rice Bowl appeal of years ago but it was as an organiser of that great civic enabler Foodbank that he made his mark.

I remember him well, coming down my footpath with yet another idea on how to persuade food retailers and producers for contributions of food likely to go to waste and instead offer affordable and healthy options for challenged members of the community.

He was a tough business man in tough industry but his real commitment was to people. His business acumen made him the smartest of operators. That which he helped create is now a massive operation in every corner of the state.

As he discusses his future with St Peter he will have a good sell. It will take him only minutes to assess need in heaven. The managers will be wise to respond quickly because he can talk the strings off any harp in his vicinity.

Deepest sympathy to family, his legion of friends and to the thousands of his unknowing beneficiaries.

Three men speaking in room

The Governor with Mr Les Calcraft