Goverment House
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Booking the Ballroom

The Ballroom at Government House in Perth, Western Australia, has a long history of hosting grand occasions such as Receptions, Balls, Royal visits, and Investitures. The Ballroom boasts a large proportioned space including a recently refurbished Supper Room of equal size on the lower floor, and outside terrace areas looking out onto the Government House Gardens.

Government House Ballroom, Perth is unique, compared with other Australian Government Houses, in that it is available for hire to eligible organisations.

Hire Information
Government House Ballroom is available for hire to many eligible organisations within the community including but not limited to:
    ·    Performing Arts
    ·    Youth and Religious Groups
    ·    Commonwealth Societies
    ·    ‘Not for Profit’ Community groups
    ·    Corporate Organisations
    ·    Educational Facilities

If you have any queries regarding the hire of the Government House Ballroom please contact our Ballroom Enquiries office on 9429 9178 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To facilitate the booking process, please have the following information ready before contact.
    ·    Full name and brief description of organisation
    ·    Nature/purpose of event
    ·    Technical/production arrangements
    ·    Expected number of attendees
    ·    Food/beverage arrangements

Unfortunately, we are unable to make the Ballroom available for private events such as social clubs, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.